Memo #3- International Business Ethics Case Competition (IBECC)

Dear Teams,

We have an interesting possibility with an offer by someone willing to serve as a mentor for a team. Professor Adrian Zicari is a professor in Management Control (i.e. performance indicators, scorecards) at the ESSEC Business School in France. He is comfortable working in issues of information for decision-making. He also used to work in hospitals, so this could be an area in which he can help. And because he is originally from Argentina, if a case is situated in Latin America, he will probably be familiar with the context. Because Professor Zicari is in France, contact will be at a distance–e-mail, phone, Skype, etc.

Any team interested should send a short note describing your topic by Monday, February 23 to Professor Thomas White at He will forward those to Professor Zicari, who will choose the one that’s most interesting. Teams will be able to work with him for 2-3 hours between now and the competition, so that we don’t take advantage of his generosity. The details of this will be worked out between him and the team.