Competing Teams

The following schools have registered for IBECC this year:

Arizona State University (Graduate)
Thunderbird School of Global Management
Glendale, Arizona
China’s Sesame Credit: Big Data or Big Brother? 

Boston College (Undergraduate)
Boston, Massachusetts
Unwrapping the Bittersweet Truth Behind Chocolate

California State University, Northridge (Graduate)
Los Angeles, California
Nonprofit Charities: Uses, Transparency, and Reporting of Donated Funds

California State University, Northridge (Undergraduate)
Los Angeles, California
Uber: Disruption, Consumption, Corruption

The Catholic University of America (Undergraduate)
The Busch School of Business and Economics
Washington, DC
Human Resources: Improving the Ethics of the Hiring Process

Doral College (Undergraduate)
Doral, Florida
Energy Transfer Partners: Ethical Construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline

Fordham University (Undergraduate)
Gabelli School of Business
Bronx, New York
Fakebook: Fake News on Facebook

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) (Graduate)*
Kowloon Hong Kong, SAR China
Every click you make… Are you sure about it?

James Madison University (Undergraduate)
Harrisonburg, Virginia
Facebook Privacy Policy: To Opt In or Opt Out, That is the Question

La Salle University (Graduate)
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania(Graduate)
Apple vs. FBI: Backdoor or Open Door Access?

La Salle University (Undergraduate)
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Marathon Pharmaceuticals and Price Gouging

Loyola Marymount University (Graduate)
Los Angeles, California
Bakken Oil Pipeline also known as Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL)

Loyola Marymount University (Undergraduate)
Los Angeles, California
Industrial Light & Magic’s “Digital Resurrection of Dead Actors”

Montgomery College (Undergraduate)
Rockville, Maryland
Yahoo Security Hack

Mount Holyoke College (Undergraduate)
South Hadley, Massachusetts
Victoria’s Secret: The Misrepresentation of Female Beauty

Ripon College (Undergraduate)
Ripon, Wisconsin
Get Out of My Face: Using Facial Recognition Software in Business and Beyond

Santa Barbara City College (Undergraduate)
Santa Barbara, California
Cultured Meat: The Clean Way to Eat

State University of New York at Potsdam (Undergraduate)
Potsdam, New York
Coca-Cola: The Not-So-Sweet Truth about the Legal Addiction

Stetson University (Undergraduate)
DeLand, Florida
Johnson & Johnson: A Credible Credo?

St. Petersburg College (Undergraduate)
St. Petersburg, Florida
Moral Machines: The Marginal Cost of Life

Texas State University (Undergraduate)
San Marcos, Texas
Addressing Harassment, Exclusion, and Work-life Balance in Silicon Valley Culture to Facebook

Texas State University (Graduate)
San Marcos, Texas
Analyzing the Ethics of Selling Lab Grown Plants

University of Florida (Undergraduate)
Gainesville, Florida
Alexa, Is It Ethical That You’re Always Listening?

University of Florida (Graduate)
Gainesville, Florida
The Business of Prisons: Can Incarceration and Rehabilitation Co-exist?

University of Illinois (Undergraduate)
Chicago, Illinois
Prescriptions for the Future of Orphan Drugs

University of Massachusetts-Amherst (Undergraduate)
Isenberg School of Management
Amherst, Massachusetts
Water: Human Rights, Material Risks, and the Corporate Duty to Disclose

University of Melbourne (Undergraduate)
Ormond College
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Buying back Pfizer’s Future

University of Miami (Undergraduate)
Miami, Florida
Big Pharma: Big Karma

University of Navarra (Undergraduate)
School of Economics and Business
Pamplona, Spain
Make Money, No Matter How: Wells Fargo Ghost Accounts’ Scandal

University of Northern Colorado (Undergraduate)
Greeley, Colorado
The True Cost of EpiPen’s High Prices

University of Oxford (Graduate)
Oxford, England, United Kingdom
ReFURmation: Transforming the Fur Industry

University of St. Thomas (Undergraduate)
St. Paul, Minnesota
Fitbit PurePulse Heart Rate Technology Inaccuracies

University of Wyoming (Undergraduate)
Laramie, Wyoming
Water Rights: Dehydrating the Hand that Feed Us