Biathlon Training

Training for the IBECC 4-mile Run/Walk Time Trial

Our academic/athletic biathlon poses a special challenge for teams interested in competing. Team members need to allot their time appropriately so that they get the best overall return on their efforts in both the presentation and the walk/run. As far as the time-trial goes, whether team members plan to run or walk the course, they need to take the idea of training seriously—both to optimize their performance and to avoid injury.

IBECC is fortunate to be able to rely on the expertise of Roy Benson, a leading coach and one of the foremost experts on effort-based/heart-rate training. Coach Benson has coached cross country and track teams at the military, high school, university and club level for 55 years. This included 10 years at the University of Florida and the Florida Track Club. He has an A.B. from Dartmouth College and an M.P.E. degree from the University of Florida with a specialty in Applied Physiology. He focuses on heart rate response to exercise has led to the publication of four books. His latest, with co-author Declan Connolly, Heart Rate Training, has been translated into Czech, Italian and Chinese. He is retired and lives on Amelia Island, Fla where he volunteers as cross country coach at the Fernandina Beach High School.

Coach Benson has designed three training programs for us. One is for walkers; one for rookie joggers; and one for experienced runners. You can access those programs directly from the links below. Note that each plan consists of an 8-week schedule of workouts and a WPE (Workout and Perceived Effort) chart.

Please begin by reading Coach Benson’s quick introduction and explanation (Felt-lek for IBECC). Then choose the plan right for you from below.

IBECC Walkers Training Plan / IBECC Walkers WPE chart

IBECC Rookie Joggers Training Plan / IBECC Rookie Joggers WPE chart

IBECC Experienced Runners Training Plan / IBECC Experienced Runners WPE chart

Running apps

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Good luck.