1. Are there any limits to the resources teams are allowed to use in their research?

We want students to approach this exercise the way they would on the job. That means that initiative, thoroughness and using various resources are encouraged. For example, students may want to contact the company involved in the case they’re working on.

2. May teams use Power Point slides for the 10 minute and 90 second presentations?

No, just for the full presentation.

3. Are handouts just for the full presentation? Or for each? Is it only the  1-page executive summary or can other pages be handed out as well?  If other pages are allowed, is there a maximum?

First, for the full presentation, teams may hand out whatever they want. They are not limited to the one page executive summary. There is no maximum.

The judges for the 10 minute and 90 second competitions will be asked to read the executive summary before the presentation begins. That means that the executive summary should give them a good sense of how the team sees the ethical issue and how the proposed solution is effective. The executive summary should definitely not simply be a description of the topic that the team is discussing. It should be a summary of the argument for why there is a serious ethical issue and how the team is proposing that should be addressed.

4. Can teams watch other presentations once they are done with their presentation? As coach/advisor, can I watch the presentation of my team?

Teams, coaches and advisors may watch any presentations they want. Because of the combination of a core group of very experienced judges,many different judges, newer judges and a detailed scoring sheet, there is no particular advantage to an earlier or later time slot. Similarly, there is no particular advantage to having observed the interaction between a panel of judges and a team.

5. How are the divisions split up per presentation type (long; 10 minute; 90 second)?  How many teams are there per division?

The details on divisions are still being worked out, but there will be graduate and undergraduate multiple divisions.The composition of the divisions will be varied across the three competitions so that teams are not always competing against the same other teams.

6.  Are teams allowed to identify which school they are from or does school identity remain anonymous for the judges?

Teams are already identified by school in the executive summary booklet which judges will receive.